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If you are wanting to take your EFT skills to the next level and train others to become EFT Practitioners, or teach them to use it on themselves, then now’s the time!

You can start setting up training immediately! 

Benefits of Purchasing the Training

Lots of supplemental handouts

Examples of my flyers for

Level 1 & Level 2

Supplemental Training Tips

Training notes below

the slides

Slides are


Various EFT Research Studies are


Can offer CEUs if you’re a provider

Slides are available in PowerPoint/will work with Google Slides 

Videos are embedded

in the slides for

easy access

Easy to understand layouts and language 

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This training package includes all the materials I have used to create very successful trainings for certifying EFT Practitioners.  You will receive the slide presentations for Level 1 and Level 2, as well as a bonus Introductory slide presentation that’s 2 hours in length.  The Level 1 and Level 2 are 12 hours of training.  You will receive the Outline for each of the 2 days and all the handouts for both days.

Embedded in the slide presentations are videos (so you will need wifi) that add to the material being covered.   Throughout the training there will be slides prompting practicing as a group and in dyads, along with experiential exercises.  Each training also entails a demonstration with you and a participant in front of the class. The training is rich with experiential exercises maximizing the learning and providing an interactive experience.