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EFT Level 2 Training

EFT Level 2 Training



  • What is included in the download folder?

    Slide Presentation with video embedded (Format PowerPoint/will work with Google Slides)

    The Training Tips Supplement

    Pricing Your EFT Program

    Sample Flyer

    PDF Folder includes..

    • Outline
    • Test
    • Template Certificate of Completion
    • Sign-in Sheet
    • Evaluation Form
    • Testimonial Form
    • Photo Release
    • Participants Address Sheet
    • 12 Handouts
  • What Topics are Included?

    Process for Certification

    Review of Level 1

    Trauma and the Brain

    Tell the Story Technique

    Techniques for High Intensity

    Tearless Trauma Technique

    Sneaking Up on the Problem

    Extended Setups

    Identifying Core Issues

    5 Additional Tapping Techniques

    Choices Method

    Writing on the Wall/Limiting Beliefs

    Validity of Cognition Scale (VOC)

    Tail Enders


    Tapping Tips


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