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EFT/Tapping for Schools & Agencies

Agencies and Schools – Trainings will be tailored to meet your needs

EFT/Tapping is a versatile tool and can be used with children and adults.  In offering this training to agencies and schools, I want to point out that it not only helps the client/student population you work with, but it also helps the staff.  When staff are using this tool with clients/students they are also tapping on themselves.  I believe this will help with secondary trauma and burn out.   


EFT/Tapping can be used in a variety of settings.  Here are few:


Schools – teachers can use EFT/Tapping in their classes and it only takes a few minutes.  It has been shown in schools to reduce stress, test anxiety, bullying, improve focus, promote self-acceptance, attendance, productivity, test scores, collaboration and sleep.

Veterans – Research has shown EFT/Tapping works on PTSD, Depression and Anxiety.

Recovery Centers – by training staff they can use this tool with clients, and clients can in turn learn to use this in between sessions and after treatment to help with relapse prevention.


Prisons – This tool is not only helpful for helping inmates manage anger, frustration, trauma, and anxiety, but staff can benefit from using it as well.


Any Agency with High Stress -  Staff can be taught this tool for self-care use on the job, to reduce stress and anxiety.  This in turn, I believe, can lead to higher productivity, reduced absences due to illness and burn out, just to name a few.


I am offering training designed to fit your needs, this includes content as well as the amount of time you want allotted.  


1.5 hours schools only

2 hours to all-day training (6 hours plus an hour for lunch)

2 day training - Level 1 and Level 2 EFT Practitioner Certification. 


CEUs are offered to LMFTs and LCSWs in California.


You can contact me through my contact page.

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