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 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Testimonials

Level 1 & 2 Trainings 

The EFT training was a powerful experience.  The techniqe is helpful for not only expanding my professions skills but also for personal growth. 

Bonnie Lords, LCSW  


Susan's EFT training is thorogh, clear and interactive.  It gave me the tools and understanding I need to begin using tapping on myself.  I look forward to attending a Level 2 training and becoming an EFT Practitioner. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed the EFT trainings, as they and you were dynamic and engaging! You packed a lot of information and practice into 2 days and I came away with an amazing new tool that I'm sure will have a huge impact on the way I practice.  Your passion for what you're doing is completely contagious.  :)   

Sydney Eaker, LMFT

Tapping 2 took my confidence level with using tapping to the next level.  I was able to go deeper into the root causes of the feelings, behaviors, and distortions.  Now I am excited at the thought of tapping with my clients and witnessing their growth and change.

Serena Ames, MFT-Trainee  

Level 2 has so much more!  Thank you Susan for sharing the love.  I am looking forward to sharing it too. 

Maria Martinez, LMFT  


I am seeing my place as a counselor in utilizing EFT and understanding when a client is bringing up stuff that may become beyond my scope.   

Carolina Gutierrez   

Susan was very knowledgeable, passionate, and professional instructor.  She has a natural way of engaging attendees and creating a fun and safe space to practice the EFT techniques.  I learned a lot about how to practice the skills of tapping and feel confident about using them with clients to reduce symptoms.  Thank You! 

Monique Sigler, LMFT  

The course was so useful, I can see using it not only for my practice but personally as well.

Lesley Andrews-Wise, LMFT  

EFT changes the way in which one relates to thoughts, feelings and emotions within minutes.  This skill and treatment is now part of my self strategies in working through emotional challenges.

Dr. Michelle Matoff, Psy.D, LCSW  

This has been the most helpful training I've had in years. This is a tool that can be used with most clinical issues.  Clients love having a tool they can leave my office with.   

Laudon Rowen, LMFT


Susan’s training is interesting, informative and fun.  I appreciate that she balanced education about the theory and history of EFT with practical techniques, and lots of opportunity to practice.  I’ve personally enjoyed the benefits of EFT and feel empowered to use this technique with my clients in the future.  Thanks, Susan!


I really enjoyed Susan’s demonstrations.  She’s so knowledgeable and confident, and that encouraged me that I am capable of helping others through her amazing instruction.

Georgia Vreeken


I didn’t really know how to feel about EFT before this class but I’m pleasantly surprised at how much relief I have gotten from such a simple technique.



*Great balance of experiential/visual/handouts

*Safe, professional  growth opportunity

*Susan is a talented and inspiring instructor

I feel confident in my ability to introduce EFT to my clients.  As a result of this training I have the skills I need to teach my clients EFT so they have an effective relaxation tool to use outside of therapy.

An interesting and engaging training for an innovative technique. 

Pamel Suraci, LMFT 

I found this course to be thorough, thoughtful and effective.  I'm excited to begin tapping obstacles away! 


During the training I began to see a problem from a shifted perspecive and a new "possibility".

Daphne D. Myers LMFT  


Thank you! Today opened my mind and my heart.  After taking this training I feel even more connected to EFT.  I loved all the practice and demonstration.  You truly have a gift, please make videos! 

Amanda Perrone  

Exactly what I was looking for, for my clients and myself.  EFT really gets to the heart of it all, and Susan's very skilled at sharing the soul of this wonderful tool. 

Courtney Bundren, MFT-Trainee 

Susan was an informative, patient, and knowledgeable instructor.  Having access to her professional experience and expertise was motivating in building my confidence in becoming a certified EFT Therapist.  Originally I thought Level 1 would be sufficient for personal use but after the training I am excited about completing Level 2 to pass this knowledge onto my clients! 

Julia K Reynoso, AMFT  

Great training! Susan's EFT teaching method makes EFT accessible  and powerful.  Watching her work is seeing a Master make change happen. 

Joni Yacoe, MFT  

Susan is a wonderful presenter and her teaching method was very effective.  Susan provides an engaging atmosphere for learning. 

Minh Riley, LCSW  

Susan did a wonderful job of teaching our group about the history of EFT, and the fundamentals of how we can use it, and teach it, to our clients. The tool can be used on a variety of issues or concerns specific to each individual client and it is another way to empower clients in regaining their own health.  Thank you Susan for your passion and your strong belief in EFT!!     

Joanne Smith, PsyD, MFT  


Tapping Level 1 has been an amazing training/experience.  Susan makes the training simple and easy to understand while covering so much ground.  It feels great to have this tool in my toolbelt that is so approachable and effective to use on myself and eventually my clients. 

Serena Ames, MFT Trainee  


I was able to experience the effects/benefits of EFT to a degree that I am even more excited and happy to use both on myself and my clients.  Unknown


EFT seems to be a fast and quick, almost “miracle” tool, that EVERYONE can benefit from.  And, it tackles many issues from emotional to somatic!  Susan Harney does an amazing job teaching this method.  The class incorporates a balance of experiential learning and activity. I am looking forward to EFT Level 2. 

Maria Martinez-Garcia, LMFT  


I feel more calm and at peace. 

MM., MFT-Trainee  

Susan was so helpful in her instruction.  She is knowledgeable, friendly, and very experienced.  She has instilled confidence in my ability to help others by using this amazing EFT tool!    

Georgia V.  

The training was very well thought out and presented.  The practice sessions and feedback were exceptional.  It was the perfect balance of instruction and practice.  The presenter was passionate and energetic.  It was a day well spent and I will begin using the tapping tools immediately.  

Janet Clark  LEP, BCBA   



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