What Can This Self Help Tool Do?
Help Reduce Anger, Stress and Anxiety, Facilitate Healing in the Body,
Treat Trauma, PTSD, Help with Addictions and Weight Loss


EFT/Tapping Certifications and Training

Research has shown that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also know as Tapping actually changes your brain chemistry and works to rewire your neuropathways, so you actually begin to see the world differently and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

Susan Harney, LMFT a licensed psychotherapist and has been licensed for over 20 years. Susan has been using EFT for the last 14 years on herself and others.  Additionally, she used EFT extensively in her private practice for about 3 years, and she has been training and certifying EFT Practitioners for 2 years. (Read the testimonials.)  Susan has experienced first hand the amazing benefits of this incredible tool, and feels passionate about teaching EFT to all who are interested in applying this amazing tool to their own lives and to the lives of others. Tapping is a tool that she believes everyone needs to know, because it really works!

Training Materials To Become An EFT Trainer

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The Tapping Revolution

Susan E. Harney, LMFT

AEFTP Level 2 Certified Practitioner

License # MFC33553


Phone: 805-574-0011

Neither EFT/Tapping nor the information here is intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder, seek the advice a qualifed health professional, See Disclaimer 

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