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EFT Trainer & Spiritual Coach
Formerly Susan E. Harney, MA, LMFT Retired, EFT Practitioner

Teaching EFT/Tapping is a passion and a long held dream…..that has come true.  I was in the Mental Health field as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years.  Much of this time has been spent working for various agencies doing social work and for the past 11 years working as a supervisor with an agency that works with high risk youth. I have also done private practice and drug and alcohol counseling.


My purpose in this life is to support others in their healing and self empowerment.  When I came across EFT/Tapping about 17 years ago I knew in that moment I would teach this. You know how sometimes you just have a “knowing”, well it was one of those moments. 


At that time I began watching nearly all of Gary Craig’s videos and practiced on myself and friends, and was surprised at how quickly it worked.  EFT has absolutely contributed to my overall health and well being, which is why I want to get this tool into as many lives as I can.

I was using EFT/Tapping with clients and getting amazing results.  I believe traditional psychotherapy is changing for the better with the development of these Energy Psychology tools like EFT and EMDR, clients will no longer need to spend years working on trauma.  Another great benefit of EFT, is it is a tool that clients can learn and use outside of treatment.  You can’t get more empowering than that!

Over the years studies have shown the effectiveness of EFT is equal to EMDR in treating trauma and anxiety.  EFT is also effective in treating cravings.  I feel that EFT has exploded worldwide in popularity because most people feel the positive effects with their first time using the technique.

Seeing the positive results in my private practice and the requests that I received asking for training in EFT has resulted in this website.

I am committed to training the healing profession and all others who want to learn this tool.  


  • For Professionals:  to be able to utilize this tool in your practice for clients with PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety Disorders

  • For the Individual Looking for Answers: If you struggle  with Anxiety,  Anger, Stress, Cravings, this may be the Self Help Tool to help you manage it.

EFT Tapping

You owe it to yourself, you don’t have to struggle with traumatic memories or anxiety.  This tool is helping thousands of people, and it may just change your life as it has mine!...Shira 


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