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Your EFT Source presents, "Ascension and the Effects on Emotions"

I am compelled to write this blog as we have just completed a series of eclipses (the 3rd Eclipse was on August 11, 2018) and we are now shifting into the 5th dimension as a collective consciousness. I don’t want to scare anyone, we are not physically going anywhere, but there is a huge awakening taking place on a global level and we are ascending to a higher level of consciousness.

What does this mean? To keep it simple….it means that people will be waking up, seeing the truth about who we really are…..powerful, creative, loving beings of light and we are all connected, there is no separation. Think of Source, God, Spirit, Creator, The Universe, as the ocean and we are all drops of water of and from the ocean we are not separate and alone.

What is facilitating this awakening process is in simple terms your vibrational frequency is increasing. So what is that? Well our emotions are of a particular frequency, think of your emotions on a continuum….on one end of the continuum there are the feelings of anger, hate, depression, anxiety, fear etc…these are dense energies and slow vibrating frequencies. On the other end of the continuum there is love, compassion, empathy, joy, happiness, peace….these are light, fast vibrating frequencies.

As your vibrational frequency increases you experience more of the feelings at the love end of the continuum. At this point you may have a lot of questions about this ascension process I’m talking about and so I’m going to suggest taking a look at a great YouTube channel I found that does an amazing job of teaching on a broad range of topics related to our spirituality called Spirit Science.

As you begin to wake up you may begin to experience anxiety, anger, frustration, depression and not know what is happening in your life. Things may be changing…ending of relationships, job changes, moving etc…. and EFT can be a great tool to help move these denser energies out of your energy system and move to a state of calm and balance. It also helps, once the intense emotions are reduced or eliminated, to gain insight into what may be happening in your life and what are the steps you need to take.

Change is here and there is no way to avoid it. Tapping is a tool made for these times, I’m using it with clients and it is having a profound effect on their lives. Check out my website for up coming trainings, and I will be doing individual sessions through my private practice in Paso Robles, CA as well as through video conferencing.

This ascension process will affect our whole planet….. it is moving us into a life where love, joy and heart centered connection and cooperation is a way of life. 😊 I am here to help and support, it is my purpose for being here in these times. In Love and Light…..Susan


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