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New Beginnings!

New Beginnings!! I have sold EVERYTHING I own except what will fit in my truck and 23 foot Lance. Escrow closed 4/18/19 and I'm pulling out of my driveway ready for new adventures!!! Life is short and I'm in the home stretch so I want to make the most of it. My life is now dedicated to being of service through teaching Emotional Freedom Technique EFT/Tapping to healers and those who come across my path.

EFT/Tapping can clear out trauma and lower density feelings (fear, anxiety, anger, hurt). This clearing then creates more space in our energy body that then allows us to feel love more fully and allows love to flow through us to others. Love is what heals, and the more we love the more we can help others to heal. This past New Years Eve I was in Peru at a spiritual retreat and at exactly midnight while in ceremony I had the profound awareness that I belong to the stars and that "Love is Everywhere." We just need to "see" it.

I have finally healed from ALL the trauma of my childhood and my heart is now fully open, I have found ultimate freedom.....and EFT played a large role in my healing as well as many other healing methods I have used over my life. Now it is time to give back more fully than ever before. I am free to be of service to humanity for as long as I am on this planet. And thank you to all my friends who support and love me, I couldn't have made it this far without you.

Nameste.....Much Love and Light to All!


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