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EFT Success with a Widow

My Name is Deborah Newman and I met Susan because she hired me to create a website for her. Prior to meeting Susan, I had never heard of EFT Tapping. If someone would have said, "Hey Deb do you Tap?" I would have moved my feet and said, "When I was 12 my mother put me in dance lessons, but that is about the extent of my tapping experience." I have lived with anxiety since my husband passed away from a massive heart attack 6 years ago. If anyone would have said I was going to watch my best friend die and have to raise a small child, I would not have believed them. But that was exactly what happened.

After my husband passed away I started having panic attacks, which I never had before. I went to the ER a few times thinking I was going to have a heart attack and every time the doctor would tell me I was having an anxiety attack brought on by my grief and PTSD. Hum I thought what the heck?

So I made a decision to pour myself into my work, relocate to a new place to start over with my 7 year old and deal with life, but life had many more surprises for me. I would have periodic anxiety attacks and would breathe through them but I knew it was a bundle on my back. I would save motivational quotes like this below to help me but no luck.

When I started working with Susan and doing research on EFT,I have to say I was intrigued. The more research I did on EFT the more I thought, this could be something that I may try not only for me but also to teach my now 14 year old who is also experiencing anxiety. I would ask Susan questions about EFT because of her genuine excitement about the effectiveness of this technique, and I learned so much. Eventually I let her into my life and my head explaining what I struggled with and she was determined to help me. Susan gave me a session and was able to figure out my trigger points, address them and then teach me to tap and it changed my life.

With the tools Susan taught me I was able to recognize the triggers that brought on anxiety that had plagued me for 6 years. I tap everyday because those triggers are slowly going away and I love it. If you are health professional or in a field where your clients may benefit from tapping I highly suggest you get certified by Susan. If you are just a person struggling with anxiety, I highly suggest you find a certified professional in EFT because I can testify how it changed my life.

So you can confirm I am a real person below I am with my daughter. I told Susan I wanted to write a blog post about my experience with EFT and she was supersized and thankful. I want people to know that this simple technique can change their world. In peace, Deborah Newman


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