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My New Life in Sedona

Cathedral Rock

A new chapter has begun, living in Sedona, Arizona! Wow… is really happening!! My life is no longer looking anything like it did back on October 24th 2016, the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer and knew I had to change my life in a big way….and so I did! In April 2019 (2 1/2 years later), I sold my house and, with the help of my wonderful sister, I sold all my belongings, except what I could fit in my Ford F 150 truck, Brandy, which also doubles as my garage, and my Lance Travel Trailer, Phoenix.

I left for Sedona on July 27th and I arrived on Sunday, July 28th in the early evening for my first boondocking (no hookups) experience off a forest service dirt road, 525. The trip getting there was stressful to say the least, pulling Phoenix, in 100+ temperatures was stressful!! I was so worried I would blow a tire from over heating the tires, but thank goodness I bought a tire monitoring system so I could see when they were getting over inflated from the heat and could stop and let air out. An excellent investment if you’re ever going to pull a travel trailer! I spent the night at a truck stop the first day and felt right at home in Phoenix. 😊

After 2 days of driving, I got to my destination, and I was greeted by a couple of women who were also camping. They were very friendly and helped me get settled in. Those first days, I met 3 women. New friendships began, as well teaching about EFT. I have already used EFT on a woman whom had shared a very traumatic memory. We tapped for about 45 min, and we cleared it! EFT is so miraculous who would believe that such intense trauma can be cleared so quickly….It is also important to note for those who work with others, that EFT, I believe also helps with secondary trauma. As someone who is very empathic, I can often feel the emotions of the people I’m working with, which happened with this woman. However, because I was tapping with her, as the emotion came up in me I was able to release it too. The session ended with both of us feeling balanced!

After 4 days, I left my boondocking site and I have been in a beautiful RV park in the town of Sedona for the month of August. I will be leaving the end of August to go back out boondocking for a week, and then I will be staying in another RV park in Verde Valley (about 30 min from the town of Sedona) for 2 weeks then out for a week...... and in for 2 weeks ect… for the next year. I bought a Thousand Trails pass for $499 for the year and that’s all I pay for year!! So that is the plan I came up with for now! 😊

Life in Sedona is amazing! I am hiking in the early mornings in Boyton Canyon and Cathedral Rock, both are known for their vortexes. The energy is incredible, when I’m hiking the insights and understandings come to me more easily. Also to aid in my spiritual expansion I have had a tarot reading and psychic reading, as well as some energy work done on my body. Self-care is at the top of my list, to manage the stress of so much change. Because as we know, even good change is stressful and everything is new!

To wrap up this first Sedona blog….how am I feeling??? Blessed beyond measure, and filled with gratitude that brings me to tears. For the first time in my life, I have reached beyond my fears and inhibitions, to be able to love freely and live from my heart. I give so much thanks to all the beautiful souls at Family Care Network, and all the other angel helpers I have had in my life, too many to list, but you know who you are. 😊 I have been loved to wholeness and now my life is dedicated to the service of humanity and God. My prayer for all is to truly “know” that “Love is Everywhere” we just need to “see” it by opening our hearts……

Nameste, Much Love and Blessings!


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Many Blessings to you, Susan! You are a courageous and beautiful being!! Love to you and open roads always, Julia Byl

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