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Using EFT to Heal Trauma

I love my baby picture! She is a reminder of that little girl that lives inside of me. When I see her my heart fills with so much love.

As I look at her picture I am reminded of her spirit shortly after she arrived on Earth from the other side. Her smile and the expression on her face is filled with a spirit of adventure, and confidence in knowing who she is. I know her innocence, joy, and loving heart are alive and well within me.

I didn't always feel this way about my inner child due to abuse that ended up to be a significant part of my childhood. I blamed her for what happened, but as I have done my healing work over the years, including using EFT, I have realized none of it was her fault. She has always been a beautiful Light Being of the Creator. We all are... including those that abused me.

Everyone of us on this planet has been in or is in significant pain due to something happening in their life. Compassion for ourselves and others has never been more important. hard as it can the way. This intention and work has been difficult for me, but so worth it, because my internal life is becoming more and more free and I now love myself.

We are One family and now is the time to "Know" this truth. Loving ourselves has never been more important, what we think, say and do to others we do to ourselves. We all have that innocent inner child within us, connect with this part in you and "See" it in our fellow humans. Look past the projections and judgements. Love is the Answer in these times of great change, embrace your "Truth". ❤️🙏


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