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Welcome to The EFT Source

As I write my first blog, I reflect on what a momentous occasion this is! A vision I have had now for around 11 years is coming true, this feeling of launching Your EFT Source is one of pure excitement! One of my dreams has been to help heal humanity and EFT/Tapping is one of those tools that I believe can do that at this critical time in our history. I have believed in the amazing benefits of this tool for for so long……but didn’t have the confidence in myself to teach others about it, until now.

One of the most significant areas that EFT has proven its effectiveness is using it on trauma, and trauma is impacting all of us. I believe trauma is escalating at an alarming rate, with the random shootings, 9/11, natural disasters, people losing everything due to fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, child abuse, and domestic violence. In addition to trauma it also helps with anxiety, depression, phobias, troubling beliefs and thoughts, physical pain the list goes on…. Many people have been skeptical, but many studies have been done and validated its effectiveness in treating PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, and Depression.

I have had clients over the past 2 years come in with anxiety around being in public places for various reasons. We applied tapping in our sessions, they tapped at home and when going to places that triggered their anxiety and within a short period of time EFT eliminated the anxiety! That’s the “emotional freedom” EFT is all about!

So how does it work….think of it as Psychological Acupuncture and tapping with your fingers, instead of using needles, on specific acupoints. Yes! Tapping with your fingers has actually been proven to rewire the brain, change brain chemistry and go directly to the amygdala (fight, flight, freeze) in the primitive part of the brain where traumatic memories are stored, and “neutralize emotional reactivity” connected to the traumatic memory. Furthermore, this can happen in one session where a memory is healed of emotional reactivity permanently. I understand this first hand, because as a therapist and trauma survivor myself, in the past working on trauma has taken years and years of therapy and you can still have emotional reactivity! Healing occurring this quickly is nothing short of a miracle!

I believe EFT and other Energy Psychology tools, such as EMDR are revolutionizing psychotherapy, and we are on the cutting edge of a huge shift in the way we treat mental health issues and facilitate healing in the mind/body/spirit. It’s all connected!

In closing, I just want to honor the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, because without his selfless service in basically giving away EFT to the world in order to get into as many hands as possible, we would not be where we are today in continuing with his legacy. He was my teacher, and I thank you Gary for changing my life and the lives of so many others!

I hope you too, take the time to learn and use this tool in your life you won’t regret it and you deserve it!!

Happy Tapping!!


Caveat: It is highly recommended, when working on trauma or other serious mental health issues that you work with a trained professional.


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