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Using EFT to Overcome Fear And Live the Life You Were Born To Live

I have been searching my whole life for “my life’s work” and the courage to do what I came here to do. I’ve had many different jobs and completed higher education in order to get my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist, but still it just wasn’t quite right….I always felt there was more I needed to do.

My life has involved struggle, and hard work just like so many. I thought manifesting your dreams was for other people. I always had this conflict between the two voices, one saying “You came here to make a difference, by doing what you love, teaching.” and the other voice, “No, you can’t do what you want. How will you survive? How will you pay the bills? That’s ridiculous you need to stay in your job so you have security.”

As I wrote in the previous blog I got the wake-up call on October 24, 2016, my birthday the day I found out I had breast cancer. When I got the call I was at work eating lunch in my car. It’s a moment in time I will never forget…….after I hung up the phone, I was in shock and I thought to myself, “I’m going to die!” And then this overwhelming feeling of anger and “regret” came over me. “ I never left my job! I will die without having done what I came here to do!” My soul had been telling me for years I needed to leave, that there was other work I needed to be doing. But I was too afraid of losing the security. And now I believed it was too late. The pain of letting myself and God down was intense. I now understand that when you are diagnosed with cancer or any life threatening illness you become acutely aware of what is important to you, as well as what you regret not doing.

As I reflected on why I got the cancer, it was clear to me that not listening to my soul, in part, was the reason. I believe we all come here with a “Purpose” or “Calling”, but many of us ignore it because of “fear”, I know I did. My fears included, fear of not being successful, not making enough money, not having the confidence in myself, and feeling defeated in life by all the struggles and just not having the energy. I allowed those fears to control my life and keep me from doing what I love, teaching.

However, even with getting the cancer it was still hard to leave. Fear can have a lot of power in our lives to keep us stuck. Now the fear was, “Well I need health insurance, I can’t leave. I won’t be able to afford good insurance.” That belief created defeat, helplessness, and anger. So I decided to buy a new car and remodel my kitchen! If I had to work at a 9 to 5 job then I would have the things I wanted! Guess what….after I accomplished that, the need to fulfill my life purpose came up again! It said, “You have to leave!” The Universe was screaming at me!

Then came an epiphany came….”If you don’t leave the cancer will come back and you will need that health insurance!” I looked into it and found I could get health insurance, and the seed was now planted to leave. So with this hurddle solved, I could just leave right? No, I still had the voice saying, “You’re crazy to leave this good paying job, and co-workers that were like family to me!”

I needed help and sought out a local therapist that does EMDR, and she helped me gain the clarity and “knowing” to do it! However, once I left my job and started a private practice I was still having fear around starting trainings on EFT. This is the irony…..the very tool that I wanted to teach people in order to help with situations just like this, was the last thing I thought of to use! Sometimes our resistance is so strong due to fear that we can’t see the solution that is right in front of us. Needless to say, when I had the epiphany to use EFT, it worked!! By tapping on my fearful thoughts/beliefs and the resistance I had, I was able to move into my heart and bring my dream alive…..launching Your EFT Source! I’m always amazed by this tool and how quickly it works. I always say the only time EFT doesn’t work is when we don’t use it!

This is a tool you too, can use on fears that are stopping you from fulfilling a dream you have. Life is too short to allow fear to stop us from living life to the fullest, and doing what we came here to do! After all fear is just an illusion, it is only true because we believe it to be true. EFT can make fear disappear many times as easily as blowing on a dandelion……

In my book, EFT and EMDR, these Energy Psychology tools are nothing short of a miracle. They work! And the time has never been more right than now to learn this amazing tool and possibly transform your life or the lives of others into the life we were all meant to live!

Many blessings to you all on your journeys, and maybe someday I will see you at a training! In Love and Light, Susan


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