Our First EFT Level 1 Certification Class from Your EFT Source

I have launched the first EFT Level 1 Certification Class this past Saturday, April 7th. I had a lot of fun doing the class and the feedback has been great! I am designing these trainings to be interactive, experiential, and educational. I believe it’s important that participants leave feeling they have really learned something valuable and enjoyed the process of learning. I have been to a lot of trainings over the many years I have been in the mental health field and they taught me what doesn’t work, as well as what does work. I have tried to incorporate what I have learned into these trainings, to create an experience where participants look forward to the next training.

I will soon be offering 2 hour classes on just the bare minimum of how to tap to get people started that don’t want to take a 6 hour class. Those who take the 2 hour class and want to work with a professional on more in-depth work will be able to find a therapist certified in EFT or an EFT Practitioner that has gone through my Level 2 EFT Practitioner Certification on my website in the future.

EFT is my passion, and I am committed to getting this tool into as many people’s lives as I can, because it works! Come and join me at one of my trainings and see for yourself how this tool is changing lives and it may just change yours!

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