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FIRST group to complete the EFT Level 2 Practitioner Training with Testimonials

Here is the FIRST group to complete the EFT Level 2 Practitioner Training!!! Once they complete their 10 sessions they will be the first EFT Practitioners to have gone through the training locally. They will be listed on my website so you can contact easily to set up a session. My dream has come true, San Luis Obispo will be using this amazing and life changing tool!

Additionally, the feedback I got on the training has been so exciting for me, because I wanted it to be of high quality where people felt engaged, questions answered, lots of practice, and left knowing how to apply this tool in a variety of ways. Here is one of the testimonials.

Testimonials Level 2 6/30/18 training

I have thoroughly enjoyed the EFT trainings, as they and you were dynamic and engaging! You packed a lot of information and practice into 2 days and I came away with an amazing new tool that I'm sure will have a huge impact on the way I practice. Your passion for what you're doing is completely contagious. :) Sydney Eaker, LMFT

This has been the most helpful training I've had in years. This is a tool that can be used with most clinical issues. Clients love having a tool they can leave my office with. Laudon Rowen, LMFT

Susan’s training is interesting, informative and fun. I appreciate that she balanced education about the theory and history of EFT with practical techniques, and lots of opportunity to practice. I’ve personally enjoyed the benefits of EFT and feel empowered to use this technique with my clients in the future. Thanks, Susan!

I really enjoyed Susan’s demonstrations. She’s so knowledgeable and confident, and that encouraged me that I am capable of helping others through her amazing instruction. Georgia Vreeken

I didn’t really know how to feel about EFT before this class but I’m pleasantly surprised at how much relief I have gotten from such a simple technique.



*Great balance of experiential/visual/handouts

*Safe, professional growth opportunity

*Susan is a talented and inspiring instructor

I feel confident in my ability to introduce EFT to my clients. As a result of this training I have the skills I need to teach my clients EFT so they have an effective relaxation tool to use outside of therapy.


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